Price Adjustment Notice

Date Published: 07 July 2022

Dear Valued Distributors,

RE: Price adjustment for User Pack and Policy Updates effective 13 July 2022

All distributors have been informed about the inevitable price adjustment beginning of 1 April 2022 due to worldwide cost increase since the pandemic era.
All the User Pack Package price will be adjusted effective 13th July 2022. (Please refer to the Appendix for the new User Pack price for Malaysia and Singapore).

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In order to protect the best interest of all distributors, the company has given a special concession to all distributors with Product Purchase Point in the backend system so that they could redeem products at the old price before the price adjustment until 12 July 2022.


Please be informed that beginning 13th July 2022, all the prices for product redemption will be following the latest price. Although the announcement has been disseminated and ample time has been given, the company is aware that many of our distributors may not be able to complete the redemption in time. As the gesture of appreciation, the company has agreed to increase 10% of the balance in the product Purchase Point on 13th July 2022. There for system will be closed for maintenance from 12am to 12 noon on 13th July 2022 to facilitate for the system changes.

Beginning of 13th July 2022, Reborn will be no longer available for redemption. It will be available under package with product and select product for packages option. For distributors who would like to redeem Reborn by purchase points, kindly do so before 12th July 2022.

For any enquiries or further clarification, kindly contact customer service representative personnel as below:

Ms. Linda             Mobile No.:016-2296189
Ms. Tan Hui Bing  Mobile No.:019-3142619


The management