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MAXPINE International Holdings Sdn. Bhd., which was successfully incorporated in 2008, is a licensed Multi-level Marketing company and a full member of the Direct Selling Association of Malaysia (DSAM). 

Coming from a reputable manufacturing background, MAXPINE offers a unique range of exciting products that includes Health Care, Skin Care, Personal Care, Hair Care and Household Care items. Extremely mindful with every product that bears its name, MAXPINE’s products are designed and crafted with only the best possible ingredients available and thus the best quality of end products is ensured. Our success streak begins with our technical ability to encapsulate the active ingredients of Moringa, the miraculous plant that captures the world’s attention with its many incredible therapeutic properties. Thus, our Star series Moringa products that also include the popular Moringa Elixir, Moringa Men, Moringa Ladies, Lady Max, BioFlexx, Moringa SPC, Nutri Vision and etc.

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Moringa Elixir 500ml-01

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Moringa Elixir 500ml-01
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MAXPINE understands the desire of ordinary people in constant pursuit for good health as well as good wealth, and endeavours to bring about a trustworthy business opportunity that centres on the quality products produced by MAXPINE.


Our business model is based on the sole objective to share benefits with people who engage to introduce the goodness of MAXPINE products to others, and are at will to build their own business as they would with any other businesses, minus the burden of manufacturing, accounting and warehousing.


Throughout the last 12 years of operation, MAXPINE has witnessed the transformation of many lives, from financially desperate to financially independent, and has assisted many families to gain comfortable incomes, an accomplishment that MAXPINE holds proudly close to heart.

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never loses its vision to become an international household name, to continuously making quality products impacting people’s lives. MAXPINE also never loses sight of its mission to always play an active role in improving people’s livelihoods. MAXPINE will always stay true to its motto: “Integrity, Honour, Responsibility”. 

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12th Years of Making and STILL GROWING-03.png



  • 30 Years of Experience in OEM Industry

  • Helping many Entrepreneurs to Develop their brand

  • Created Oldest & Professional and Beauty saloon brand "Primaoligo"

  • Co-Founder of Sky Resources group, one of the oldest and Professional brand in Malaysia

  • Founded Sky Nutraceuticals, Mykuali, Max Pine International  Holdings



  • Independent, positive, responsible and a self-starter, with a special interest in Beauty and Eyebrow

  • Set up Eileen Beauty & Cosmetics Centre in 1987

  • Golden International Eyebrow Aesthetics Specialist

  • Awarded best overall performance in 1999 “Asia Aestheticians in Eyebrow Embroidery Competition”

  • Obtained International Certificate in Professional Aesthetics, ITEC, England

  • CICA Aesthetician Committee Member, CIDESCO INTL Branch Member

  • Holder of various Hong Kong, Paris, France, Germany Professional Beautician Certificates

  • Founder of Art of Eyebrow Embroidery in Malaysia “纤眉技術”創始人

  • Appointed Judge for Golden Physique International Association, China

  • Wanita MCA Chinese Women Entrepreneur Award Winner - 2007

  • Co-founded Sky Resources Group, manufacturer of skin care and health food

  • COO of Sky Resources Group of Companies, including Sky Nutraceuticals Sdn. Bhd. and Prima Oligo   

  • Worldwide Sdn. Bhd.

  • Overall, more than 35 years’ experience in Beauty Line

  • More than 10 years’ experience in MLM industry

  • 5 years’ experience in FMCG industry

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  • Founder of Event Management company at age 23 years old.

  • 20 years experience in Direct Selling industry

  • Top Leader in an International Direct Selling Company. Her network covered Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Brunei, Mexico and Whole Malaysia.

  • Possess Experience as Chinese Emcee, Speakers and Trainer in the previous Direct Selling company’s events in Malaysia, Singapore,  Hong Kong and China.

  • Has the pleasant disposition of Friendliness, Humorous and a very down to Earth character and able to communicate with people from all walks of life.

  • Visionary leader and adopting lead by example attitude.

  • Expert in training and motivation course skills in Maxpine.

  • One of the Top Chinese Trainer for all Key Leaders in Maxpine.


To enchance the health and well-being of the people and provide everyone with the platform and opportunity to be an entrepreneur.

our team

We have a BEST team in Malaysia, We sincerely invite you o join our family.


We believe that everyone deserves a chance to be an entrepreneur and lead a healthy life.