Frequently Asked Questions

Please call our office at 04-5060185/86 during office hour (9.00am - 6.30pm) to seek for assistance.

Password 1 is for login purpose while Password 2 is for registration, upgrade status, check member pin & product pin, purchase pin, e-wallet withdrawal and product redemption purposes.

Password 1 and Password 2 will sent to your registered mobile number via SMS after your membership registration have been done.

You must reset your password before make any redemption.

The system will automatically ask you to change the password for the first time login, if you are not login for the first time, please click on “Change Password 1” or “Change Password 2”.

Please download the C2 Form from our website and fax or email to after fill in.

Member Pin is used for new member registration while Product Pin is used for package registration.

To maintain for unilevel bonus and will be transferred into redemption which can be used for product redemption.

Yes. The expiry date is 3 months from the registration date.

Please send an email to Ms Estee Lai ( which included your member ID, name, a copy of cash bill and picture which can clearly show the damage item.

Registration & Bonus Calculation Period
Registration & Bonus Calculation Period
(February only)
Bonus Payment Date
1st 12.01pm – 8th 12.00pm 1st 12.01pm – 8th 12.00pm 当月的24号
24th of the same month
8th 12.01pm – 16th 12.00pm 8th 12.01pm – 16th 12.00pm
16th 12.01pm – 24th 12.00pm
24th 12.01pm - 1st 12.00pm
16th 12.01pm – 23rd 12.00pm
23rd 12.01pm - 1st 12.00pm
8th of the next month