Product Certificate

 QBE - Certificate Of Insurance
 Halal Certificate (Series No: A69965) - (For Moringa Elixir, Moringa Elixir For Men,Moringa Elixir For Ladies)
 Halal Certificate (Series No: A73428) - (For Bio Collagen, Fiber Flush, Ladymax, Dieter Coffee, White Coffee)
Product Safety Test - (For Moringa Elixir )
Product Safety Test - (For Ladymax)
Product Safety Test - (For Moringa Elixir - Men)
Product Safety Test - (For Bio collagen)
Product Safety Test - (For Fiber flush)
Product Safety Test - (For PMC 75)
Product Safety Test - (For Dieter coffee)
Product Safety Test - (For Moringa Elixir - Ladies)
Certificate of Direct Selling Association Of Malaysia - (Maxpine International Holdings Sdn Bhd)
2013 MLM Golden Midas awards - (Maxpine International Holdings Sdn Bhd)
Maxpine AJL Licence - (sept 2014 - sept 2017)
Personal Data Protection - ( Nov 2014 - Nov 2016)
10th Global Super Excellent Brand 
Certificate Of Analysis Moringa Elixir- For Men ( From USM Toxicology Laboratory)
Singapore HSA Certificate  - (For Moringa Elixir)
Product Safety test  ( MmCelle )
Notification Note - Umicare Make Up Remover
Notification Note - Umicare MmCelle Black Mask
Notification Note - Umicare Moringa Scrub Bar
Notification Note - Umicare Moringa Soap
Notification Note - Umicare Sun Screen Pink